Terms & Conditions:

Attendee's Terms & Conditions:

- Your Registration Fee for the 2017 EliteCon is non-refundable, unless event is cancelled by organizers.
- You are permitted to bring two comic shortboxes worth of comics OR two medium size file boxes of toys, Pops!, or other collectibles as part of your access to the Trading Corner.  These limits are set per paid attendee.  Abuse of these limits will subject attendee to explusion from the event.  If you wish to bring more, please contact us about becoming a vendor.
- EliteConFlorida LLC. is indemnified from liability for any transaction into which you engage with any one of our vendors...we're all big boys and girls, and you should know how to take the proper precautions prior to entering into a financial transaction by now. 

Please contact us for Vendor Terms and Conditions.