EliteCon 2017 Gold Level Attendee Registration (1 person)

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Please note your Registration kit includes the following:

  • One day admission to EliteCon 2017 as an Attendee.
  • Link to the online Buyers Survey (emailed to you after Registration).
  • One Raffle Entry in one of two gift basket drawings valued at a minimum of $500 each.
  • Ability to bring up to two items (2 short boxes of comics or 2 medium file boxes of toys) to trade or sell in the Trading corner.
  • Con Exclusive EliteCon T-Shirt. (to be picked up at the show).
Please be sure to include a valid current email and mailing address as part of your order and payment process.  We'll be sending you a link to the Buyer's survey a few days after you've registered, and the mailing address will be where your badge is mailed approximately 3-4 weeks prior to the show.