Here is the List of some of the Vendors we have lined up for our first ever EliteCon:

  1. The Comic Crypt: Specializes in certified Comics from the Golden to Modern Ages. Also carries an assortment of Retired Legos and AFA-graded toys.
  2. MCollectibles: Central Florida's premiere destination for Exclusive and Hard-to-Find Funko Pop! Vinyls, as well as Toys, retired Legos, Action Figures, and more.  
  3. CBCS: Innovators in Comic Book Certification, CBCS will be on hand to accept your submissions and answer your questions on their wide range of excellent services, including Signature verification.   
  4. North Coast Nostalgia: Dave Kapelka from Ohio is well known and respected around the vintage comic community for his great selection of high grade comics spanning all the Ages.  He will be bringing his fantastic inventory of top-notch comics to EliteCon.
  5. DTA Collectibles: Tampa locals David and Tyler Alexander will bring their wonderful show inventory of vintage comics from the Golden to Copper Ages.  They also specialize in pulps, magazines, fanzines, and just about anything else you can think of.  Click on their logo below to check out their website. 
  6. Emerald City Comics: The premiere comic shop in the Tampa area, with a great selection of toys, comics, games, and just about anything else you can think of, will also be set up with owner Neil Johnson in attendance.
  7. Private Collector # 1: Yes, we will have some fantastic private collectors as well with quality material for sale, but we are not publishing their names for obvious reasons.  This one has a large collection of vintage Star Wars toys and memorabilia that he will be offering for at EliteCon.  
  8. Private Collector # 2: This collector will be bringing a large assortment of high end modern toys and retired Lego sets. Many are still in sealed shipper cases and in perfect shape.  Think early Wave Star Wars Black series, discontinued Funko Pops!, Star Wars UCS sets, etc.
  9. Private Collector # 3: If rare, Vintage Star Wars-related items are your thing, this collector will have more then a few...he is also a New York Times bestselling children's book illustrator who will be bringing many unique and custom art pieces of his own for sale/trade.  
  10. Private Collector # 4:  A private Florida collector with a nearly 50 year comic collection, spanning the Golden to Copper Ages.  This gentleman's booth is one you won't want to miss.
  11. Twice Upon a Toy:  From Vintage to Modern toys, this Twice Upon a Toy has it all....Star Wars, Marvel Legends, Funko Pops!.  
  12. Gary Moss Collectibles: From high end vintage comics, Disney toys, 60's rock concert posters, sports memorabilia to key slabbed bronze & copper comics books, Gary has it all!
  13. Yancy Street Comics: One of the best comic stores in the Tampa Bay area will be there debuting a new Golden Age collection, as well as other comic-related delights.
  14. Toys Around the Clock: Vintage Comic Book Characters, Toys, Cartoons and other items are the specialty of Mr. Robert Versandi.  From the obscure to the eclectic, chances are Robert has it.  
  15. Pedigree Art Auctions:  Randy Lawrence will be bringing the earliest parts of a massive recently unearthed Marvel collection, where all the keys are present, and in some cases run 4-5 issues deep.  Yep, AF 15, FF 1, ASM # 1, X-Men 1, Avengers 1, JIM 83, etc. are all there.  This will be the first show where these books will have been to since their very recent certification.  There will also be many ungraded/raw books for sale from the collection as well.  And yes, he will happily consign your art pieces to their upcoming April auction.
  16. Steve Borock: The grand-father of certification (well, he did start-up both CGC and CBCS) will be on hand in his own booth, talking comics, buying and trading original art, doing free resto checks, and generally causing mischief. 
  17. Tom Raupp: The Grand-Dad of the Florida convention scene, Tom is not only the nicest, but the hardest working man in the business.  He will be on hand with several boxes of quality wall stock and promoting his fine show, the Daytona Beach Comic Con.
  18. Private Collector # 5: This collector deals exclusively in retired Lego sets, and will be bringing an amazing selection for purchase at EliteCon.
  19. Private Collector # 6: High end die-cast collectors, we haven't forgotten about you.  This collector specializes in ultra-rare Redline Hotwheels and other high quality material.
  20. Vintage Comic Investments: Two private collectors with hundreds of new-to-market Late Bronze/Copper slabs from an original owner collection. They'll have other eras and Art as well.  You definitely don't want to pass up this booth
  21. Swap Meet Area: We aren't even sure what is going to walk in through those doors in the hands of our attendees for sale in the Swap Meet area, but you can be sure they'll be comics from the Golden Age to current, toys, action figures, and other high quality items for sale and trade.