Vendor Information:

EliteCon is dedicated to bringing in high quality dealers with equally quality material for our attendees.  We want to create an atmosphere where serious buyers can freely interact with serious dealers without all the unwanted pagentry of a modern media-driven  convention.  This is a targeted convention, meant to focus solely on high quality pop culture merchandise.  We hope both Attendees and Vendors take the opportunity to network, share interests, promote their businesses, and of course, buy, sell, and trade great stuff.  Please review the information below to see if you would like to vend at EliteCon.

- We are focused primarily on vintage comics, magazine, toys, retired Lego sets, posters, action figures, Pops!, original art, and other uncommon pop-culture items with a retail value of $50+.  If you can fill a 10'x10' booth with enough material, or split a booth with a friend who also has quality merchandise, we want to hear from you.  

- Booths are 10'X10' and cost $175 for an in-line booth and $225 for a corner booth.  In-line booths come with 10-feet of frontage, while corner booths come with an additional eight feet.  The tables will be skirted for our vendors.

- EliteCon vendors will exclusively be allowed to redeem EliteCon Vouchers at show's end.  You will be issued a check from EliteCon LLC for the full combined face value of your EliteCon Vouchers.  As each Attendee will have a $50 voucher, and our goal will be to have 200 attendees, there should be plenty of vouchers for you to redeem at the show's conclusion.

- We currently have 22 booths devoted to vendors, and will be focused on making sure we have enough vendors who can adequately meet the needs of our attendees.  We will be only taking on a limited number of dealers for each category that we will be promoting, so if you intend to vend, please consider signing up soon.  We expect to not have enough space for all of the toy and comic dealers that will want to sign up.

- We will ask all of our vendors to donate one quality item of $50+ retail value for our gift basket raffles.

- Please email us at for any additional questions and for a copy of our vendor contract.