EliteCon's origins are born from the Central Florida Comic Swap Meet....

In 2010, a group of serious comic collectors got together at one of the member's houses and held their own little "convention". Everyone bought items to sell and trade, as well as show-off.  It was a relaxed environment, removed from the crowds of comic shows, with incredibly rare vintage material being passed around for all to see.  Over the years, the group attending the Central Florida Swap Meet has grown, and has included a veritable who's-who of advanced comic collectors and influential people in the hobby.  Deals were made, rare pieces changed hands, and a good time was had by all.  Now, we're organizing an event with even broader appeal, and reaching out to advanced collectors from other cross-over areas of collecting (Legos, Action Figures, Pops!, pop culture art, etc.) in order to create a collectibles convention experience like no other.  Now you too can meet and network with other serious collectors and expand your own collecting pursuits.

EliteCon is everything you want in a collectibles convention, and nothing you don't.

EliteCon is a premium collectibles marketplace, catering specifically to advanced collectors of certified and raw comic books, toys, Pops!, Legos, and pop-culture related artwork.  We strive to recruit only the finest collectibles vendors to meet the demands of our discriminating attendees.  Our vendors are asked to bring only uncommon, desirable, and hard-to-find material in the $50-$50,000 price range.   We also ask our attendees to fill out a survey as part of the registration process, on their collecting focus(es) and buying habits.  We aggregate the responses from all of our attendees and provide it to our vendors several weeks before the convention, so they can better tailor their show inventory to you, the customer.

And unlike other conventions, we encourage attendees to bring material to the show to trade or sell, either directly to our vendors or to other attendees.  While we know many collectors don't have any interest in becoming dealers, we all have items that drift out of our collecting focus or are upgrades or duplicates to others we already own ...EliteCon can help you pass along those items in a free and open marketplace atmosphere.