A Premium Collectibles Marketplace.

Are you an advanced collector of certified and raw comics, toys, Legos, Pops!, and pop-culture related artwork?  Have you soured on attending modern "media-driven" conventions, because they often have too few of the quality items you are looking for?  Do you enjoy the hassle of long lines, cosplayers, crowded aisles, and endless rows of stuff you have no interest in buying?  Well, as collectors ourselves, we don't either.  

What if there was a convention where the vendors were hand-selected because of the quality of their merchandise?  What if your collecting interests were known to those vendors ahead of time, so they could better tailor their show inventory to you?  What if everyone in attendance was also a serious collector, with similar interests, and you were free to network, trade, buy, and sell with them?  

'What if' is now 'What is'......welcome to EliteCon.

EliteCon Sunday March 12th, 2017

Embassy Suites-USF in beautiful Tampa, Florida

Join us in sunny Florida while the rest of the country shivers....come in for the weekend, visit the Hard Rock for a little fun, take the kids to the theme parks, enjoy all the things Florida has to offer in the Winter.  Then head down to EliteCon on Sunday to buy, sell, and trade some of the finest collectibles around and network with fellow Advanced Collectors.

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A Premium Collectibles Marketplace

EliteCon is more than just having access to higher quality collectibles, it's also about being able to sell or trade some of your own material.  Most serious collectors accumulate items that they probably want to part with or upgrade.  Now is your chance, you can bring some of it with you to EliteCon.  You don't need to be a vendor, and we'll even have a Trading Corner set up where you can showcase your wares and look at material from other attendees as well.  While there, you can interact and network with fellow collectors to expand your buying and selling options even after the show is over.  This is the EliteCon difference.